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We're the team behind The FinTech50 - the first list of its kind to showcase FinTechs for innovation rather than revenue. FinTech City is where we bring together our global community of leaders in Fintech, Financial Services, VC Investors and Global Tech cos.


The FinTech50 2016 was announced on 4 April 2016. View this year's fifty or get listed for 2017


4 April 2016: The FinTech 2016 launched at Money20/20 - alongside The FinTech20s India and Hong Kong and this year's Hot Ten.

CODE_n Contest: Kantox, Everledger make the finals

7 July: Four FinTechs, including Kantox and Everledger, have been selected as finalists in the Code_n Contest, run by GFT, to be held in Germany in September. Read more

May 2016: We're celebrating The FinTech50 2016 in London, inviting FinTech Superbrands to debate 'Brexit, and launching a new summer series of FinTech showcases. View our new events programme for Summer '16

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The FinTech50 Asia > Launching Q1 2017

June 2016: We're pleased to announce The FinTech20 Ireland in conjunction with Irish Tech News and FinTech Ireland. Discover more




FinTech + Risk

1 September



FinTech50 partner GFT is hosting in partnership with The Professional Risk Managers International Association an event on FinTech innovation.

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FinTech showcases, scaling your FinTech and a Tech festival in Germany - our Autumn event series for FinTech leaders, Banks, VC investors and global tech.


Code_n Festival

20-22 September



Code-n brings together the digital avant-garde: a group of hand-picked startups selected to be this year’s CODE_n CONTEST Finalists - including FinTech50 listed Kantox and Everledger

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FinTech20 Ireland


View the 50 Irish FinTechs in the running for the inaugural

FinTech20 Ireland


View >


View the 50 FinTechs shortlisted for

The FinTech20 Ireland >