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We're the team behind The FinTech50 - an annual list of the 50 hottest FinTechs in Europe and the first list of its kind worldwide to showcase FinTechs for innovation. FinTech City is where we bring together our global community of leaders in Fintech, Financial Services, VC Investors and Global Tech cos.


We will announce The FinTech50 2017 soon. Receive a copy of the report / Get invited to the launch

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Our showcase event, where we announce this year's FinTech50.



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December 2016: Each year we invite leaders from financial services, VC investors, global techs and influencers to select The FinTech50 and it is very much their list. This year we have brought together experts from around the world to create an international panel.

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The FinTech20 Ireland

January 2017: Our list of the 50 hottest FinTechs in Europe receives 250,000 views worldwide from investors, financial services organizations, global tech giants, influencers and innovators. 

December 2016: We are inviting one more FinTech to join the Hall of Fame - and we are calling for nominations. Who deserves to be on the list? You decide.

January 2017: Bell Pottinger asked leaders in the sector for their take on 2017 and reveal their top ten FinTech trends.

January 2017: We have expanded our FinTech50 selection panel this year and invited some global brands to join

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May 2017: 1500 FinTechs, 35 industry experts, 1 secret ballot and lots of debate later and we are ready to reveal The FinTech50 2017. Discover more