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We're the team behind The FinTech50 - an annual list of the 50 hottest FinTechs in Europe and the first in the world to showcase FinTechs for innovation. FinTech City is where we bring together our global community of leaders in Fintech, Financial Services, VC Investors and Global Tech cos.


Visit our new site TheFinTech50 to view all FinTech50s, our international panel and FT50 events..

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Each year we invite leaders from financial services, VC investors, global techs and influencers to select The FinTech50 and it is very much their list. This year we have brought together experts from around the world to create an international panel.

June 2017: Zone Startups is a leading name in India's FinTech ecosystem, having set up successful FinTech accelerators and innovation programs with strong partners such as Barclays, Axis Bank, Thomson Reuters, HDFC Bank, Visa and ICICI Lombard to name a few. Discover more

May 2018: 32 companies from The FinTech50 2017 and Hot Ten have raised a collective $1.2bn since June. Discover more

October 26 2017: The hotly contest FinTech20 Ireland was announced in Dublin on 26 October. View the list on our new site.


We opened the search late last year and our panel now has over 2000 Fintech companies across Europe to review. We will be launching this year's 50 in June. If you would like to stay posted and receive the list as we go live, let us know

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View The FinTech50 2018 on our new site: thefintech50.com

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2019: The Tipping Point? Our first insight report features fintech founders, investors and leaders on funding, collaboration & trust > View

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