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Each year we invite leaders from financial services, VC investors, global techs and influencers to select The FinTech50 and it is very much their list. This year we have brought together experts from around the world to create an international panel.

In these extraordinary times, we ask what can we do? We’re showcasing Fintechs who are stepping up and responding to Covid 19 with their own special initiatives. We’ll promote them on our site and on social media each day. View

The FinTech50 2020 is now being selected

We'll announce this year's 50 Hottest Fintechs in Europe in early September.

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The FinTech50 2020 is now open on our new site: thefintech50.com

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Our first global 50 will look at sustainable finance,                                                                financial inclusion and impact initiatives together -                                                               because they are inextricably linked

Global FinTech50 

FinTech50 cos are hiring. Each week we look at all roles posted by FinTech50 businesses on LinkedIn and feature those who have posted live jobs. View them all on thefintech50.com


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