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Chris is a commercial technology lawyer with a wealth of experience in a broad range of areas of technology across multiple sectors. He has a focus on financial services and FinTech, having spent years working closely with financial institutions and innovative technology companies on the services and products that make the finance sector work. Chris is a regular contributor to seminars and publications, and a leading voice on the law surrounding mobile payments, software reselling structures and cloud computing.

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Kemp Little is a leading technology and digital media law firm. Established in 1997, the firm delivers expert legal advice in a pragmatic, responsive and cost-effective way via their technology-dedicated practice areas. The firm has spent years specialising in both financial services and all emerging areas of technology, and specialises in the FinTech sector.


Kemp Little’s FinTech expertise covers a range of the most relevant legal issues for business within the sector, including: electronic payments; mobile payments, cryptocurrencies and digital currencies; software and app development; open innovation and strategic relationships; cloud, telecoms and latency; financial regulatory; strategic partnerships between financial services and retail companies; marketing and white labelling agreements; loyalty schemes; big data; consumers rights and data protection.


Charles has extensive experience of domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and venture capital/mid-market private equity transactions. Charles has in depth knowledge of the financial and technology sectors and is recommended in the Legal 500, the client’s guide to the UK’s best law firms.


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A New Regulatory Framework for Payments Systems in the UK

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Call for input: regulatory barriers to innovation in digital and mobile solutions - read more

Ralph is a financial regulatory specialist with broad experience of the laws and regulations affecting financial institutions in the UK and EU markets. He advises both established businesses and start-ups (particularly FinTech firms) on the legal requirements governing the launch of new products and services and the acquisition or disposal of regulated businesses or portfolios. He advises on conduct and prudential requirements, including in relation to authorisation, approved persons, conduct and systems & controls. He covers the full range of relevant consumer protections, including the Treating Customers Fairly outcomes, unfair contract terms and the Consumer Rights Act. He advises on traditional financial products, such as bank accounts, mortgages, consumer credit, insurance, credit cards and insurance, as well as innovative products such as mobile payment applications.


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FlightDeck is a free online service for start-up technology companies and rapid growth businesses, which provides members with:


  • An array of legal documents, to help businesses get up and running

  • Information about starting a business

  • Data protection advice

  • Employment documentation including an example contract and health and safety policy

  • Intellectual property guides

  • Sales and operational agreements

  • Shares and companies documentation

  • Tax and incentives advice


We also offer free one hour consultation meetings, distilling the knowledge we’ve gained from nearly two decades specialising in technology law to help your business really take off. REGISTER


A new Regulatory

Framework for Payments Systems in the UK

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