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Tim is a partner in the Corporate Finance practice and leads the firm’s offering in respect of acting of   technology-focussed clients. He has a vast amount of experience in acting for founders, companies and investors, including private wealth, funds and banks. This practice is multi-stage and runs right through from early stage financing events to exits, whether by trade or by IPO, and onwards. In terms of clients, the practice is both international and domestic in character.  

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David is a partner in the Corporate Finance practice. He advises on the full range of corporate finance transactions, from seed and angel investment rounds to IPOs, sales and acquisitions. He advises founders, companies, and the investors who back them. His current client base covers a wide variety of technologies, with a particular focus on fintech, and geographies including the US, MENA as well as Europe and the UK.


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Lewis Silkin is a premier tier London-based international law firm.


We are trusted advisers in the fintech space.  Why?


Three reasons:


1.We have been active in this sector for a long time and have not suddenly entered the space because it’s the trend to do so


2.We act for founders, businesses and investors throughout the corporate lifecycle and, whilst we are always delighted to be instructed by them, we believe that those engagements are forthcoming and repeated because we have the right skills and expertise, and


3.We think that it’s important for our leading practitioners to be present and participating alongside the thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are pushing back the boundaries of the sector.


To find out more please contact Timothy Leeson or David Willbe


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