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Having launched The FinTech20s India and Hong Kong in April this year, we are now preparing to launch an Asia-wide FinTech50 to showcase the Asian innovators who are transforming financial services.


We'll be looking at FinTechs from Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea and the wider ASEAN region.


As with The FinTech50, we will look at start-ups with the potential to become a game-changer and at high-growth enterprises with the competitive staying power to continue being one.


We will announce The FInTech50 Asia mid 2017.

The FinTech50 Asia is not a competition and we do not rely on award submissions to select our fifty.


We research our long list throughout the year and ask industry leaders to suggest FinTechs they would like to see listed.


If you would like to put your business forward for consideration by our selection panel, or ask any questions, please feel free to contact us by email - just leave us the name of your business and we will keep you posted.

Each year we invite some of the most influential people in FinTech to choose their FinTech50. For 2017, we are extending this invitation to experts from around the world to create an international panel, which will review both the European and Asian FinTech50s. Meet the first 50 members of our international panel.

The FinTech50 Asia > Launching Spring 2017

Our international selection panel

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Our partners and sponsors

They are with us throughout the year, not just for one event, and we are extremely grateful for their support. Meet our 2017 VIP partners and sponsors and discover how to get involved.